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Move Ahead Professionally Without a Degree Using These Methods

A college degree isn't a necessity to become an effective entrepreneur. In fact, many have accomplished success without one, especially in recent years as the amount of online resources available to self-starters has grown exponentially. In order to succeed, it's critical to learn more about the industry you're interested in, but you don't have to spend four years in college to do it. The Lake Travis Chamber of Commerce has put together a few guidelines to help jumpstart your entrepreneurial journey toward prosperity.

Start Out Small

Starting small is essential when it comes to entrepreneurship. Don’t think that you need to go big from the start; instead, focus on smaller projects first so that you can gain some experience and build up your portfolio. Once you have more experience under your belt, then you can start thinking about larger projects or expanding your business.

Building a Portfolio

Creating a portfolio of past work is essential for success as an entrepreneur, especially when starting out without a college degree. Your portfolio should include past projects, accomplishments, experiences, and skill sets that demonstrate your abilities and value as an entrepreneur or business owner. Potential employers or investors will want to see evidence of what kind of work you are capable of producing before investing in any new venture with you at the helm.

Use PDF Tools to Manage Your Documents

File organization is critical when running any type of business, especially when you're starting out on your own with no formal education. From invoices to contracts, there are many documents that you'll need to manage, and without the right resources, things can slip through the cracks. Fortunately, there are several PDF tools available to help. You may consider this option when you need to convert a Word document to a PDF, which allows for fast edits as well as the security benefits that come with the PDF format.

Prioritize Networking

You'll need to network with other entrepreneurs and business owners in order to learn more about different aspects of business and gain valuable insights into what it takes to be successful. Networking will give you access to advice from seasoned professionals who can offer invaluable guidance along the way. This may even lead to you finding a mentor.

Consider Getting Certifications

Getting certifications in areas related to business operations or management can help show potential employers or investors that you are serious about your career and have taken the initiative to learn more about how businesses work. Certifications also demonstrate knowledge in specific areas, which can help boost confidence in potential customers or clients as well. Look online for certifications related to your field; there are several cost-efficient ones available as well as free, non-certificate options. Some of these only require a few hours of your time.

Look for Grants

Grants offer new entrepreneurs money for various reasons, such as research and development costs, hiring employees, and purchasing equipment, software, or supplies. Researching grants available for new entrepreneurs could provide the funds necessary for getting started on any new venture. Just make sure you understand the terms and that you pay close attention to the application deadlines.

Learn Basic Accounting Practices

Learning smart accounting practices such as expenses vs profits margins, budgeting practices (cash flow), and income tax filing processes is crucial when you're running things on your own. While you don't have to have a degree in accounting, it can certainly help to learn more about basic business practices that will allow you to oversee your finances with confidence. Look online for courses or tutorials on the subject, and choose the best software to help you maintain the books.


Starting out as an entrepreneur without a college degree does not mean that success is impossible; it just means that extra effort must be put into finding alternative ways of gaining knowledge. The good news is there are PDF tools, accounting tutorials, and certifications that will allow you to become an expert in your field without stepping foot into a classroom. Utilize every tool at your disposal in order to focus on your goals and find success.


The Lake Travis Chamber of Commerce is committed to helping small businesses in the area reach their goals. Take a look at the resources we can offer you today.

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